The photo shows one of the two cast iron millennium mileposts to be found on our section of the Millennium Greenway.

Sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland to celebrate the millennium and Sustrans Cycle Network there are 1,000 in total in the UK.

Each has a different Time Trail disc (photograph on the posters) with symbols and hieroglyphics. By taking rubbings of these it is possible to decipher a coded message.

There are four different milepost designs, one for each country, and the Chester ones are by John Mills. Called The Fossil Tree the imagery on them depicts the passage of time from very early primitive creatures to the age of technology and the decline of fossil fuels.

Originally many of the posts were multi coloured as the local community was asked to paint them as they wished but both the MG ones are now painted black.

If you fancy having a go at deciphering the codes don’t forget there are 1,000 of them spread across the UK. It could be a long journey!

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