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The Rescue of the Horse

The wicker horse has always been popular with those who use the Millennium Greenway.  Unfortunately it wasn’t very happy on its original site which was too dry and left its wicker skeleton exposed and open to vandalism.  Fire damage is easy to see in the photo taken in 2012.

Drastic action was needed and In 2013 a rescue operation was mounted for this much treasured steed.

No horse box was available but thanks to the expertise of Peter Moore Dutton, who donated his time and  heavy digger, the journey to pastures new was made.

We are sure the horse didn’t mind his somewhat undignified mode of travel when he saw his new home down by the dog splash and wildlife pond as this provides  more shelter and a plentiful supply of water to quench his thirst.

Audrey Hodkinson, founder of the Millennium Greenway friends, discussing the location of the horse

The next task was to restore him and re-introduce his willow coat.


Restoration was done early in 2013 by local artist Russell Kirk. Determined to finish the task Russell didn’t let the freezing cold weather and snow put him off.  See more of his work at www.russellkirk.co.uk

Slowly but surely the willow has begun to grow.

August 2013 and he is beginning to look much better.  His coat needs to be woven in and trimmed every few weeks but he is much happier. However people do climb up on his back and that is to be discouraged as it is the reason why his middle section is still bare.   So as you pass by give him a pat or even do a bit of willow weaving but please don’t try to ride him.

Picture galley of the horse’s journey